Our quality pledge
Our quality pledge
Our quality pledge
Our quality pledge
Our quality pledge
Our quality pledge

Pledge by Management

  • Regular training of personnel
  • Compliance with regulations
  • An ethics charter
  • The irreproachable quality of products to ensure satisfaction of customers and consumers
  • IFS food certification
  • Introduction of food defense to ensure the safety of the food chain
  • Respect for the environment: a green challenge

The quality policy

BRIOIS gives a quality undertaking aimed at ensuring the satisfaction of customers and end consumers. The company's partners and suppliers are hand-picked for their know-how and extensive expertise.

A certified company

Thanks to its HACCP procedure, IFS Food certification and modern infrastructures, BRIOIS is able to meet the requirements of its customers and comply with standards concerning food safety, security and hygiene. Commodities are only procured from approved dairies and validated by its Quality Department in accordance with precise, clearly defined specifications.

Continual quality

Checks are run throughout production lines :

  • The Quality Department works within an in-house laboratory so enabling optimum responsiveness. Its protocols have been validated by an independent body using ring tests.
  • Work stations are subject to continual self-inspections.
  • Inspections are also performed by COFRAC-approved external laboratories so guaranteeing reliable results.
  • Product traceability is ensured pre- and post-production thanks to a high-performance CAPM software.

This is reflected in our decision to focus on the product which we know inside out: BUTTER